no pale imitation

I am selling original paintings, monoprints and drawings here. Many sizes and subjects and prices, but you can be certain these are the real thing, nothing copied, nothing scanned in, nothing printed out on my home office inkjet. Selling only originals is my response to the culture of commodification that surrounds us, in every sector, including the world of art commerce, particularly as manifest in the scores of art prints now available from artists who sell their work all over the great wide interweb. I took a hint from one of my wayward muses, Cat Power: if I have to cover my own tune, well, it ain't gonna have the same melody. Seriously folks (to add to that a sentiment from one who is not even my muse, but hey, Knows Things just as well): (since this world is killing me, killing us all) my aim is true.


Sean Maloy Eno said...


k.houser said...

From Cat Power to Costello...your speaking my language...In a world of reproductions I admire your stance,also a reason that I do not use molds on my forms but do exploit the mechanical reproduction on the surface ...speaking of reproduction...hows parenthood treating you guys!