Pixie Petals featured on ChaCha-Vintage and in stores around the world

Dear Reader:
I hereby initiate my little artful blog at thistlepixie.blogspot.com. I want to share tales of art and life on pages made of electronic fibers. So I will do that, whenever and however I can, and at whatever cost.
From now on, life and all its ether shall be further filled with
pixie news and diversions, notes on art that is true and/or just, memories of moments, and wonderments of fanatical noise-rock chicks....hmmm. Sounds thrilling! Oh, I forgot, what about musings of Faulkner-obsessed ex-Southerners?

The first item of note is that Pixie Petals is (or should I say, are) not dead! My jewelry line may have hibernated from the cold cold competitive Craft Shows of NYC and the warm fuzzy friendly Jewelry Parties of Shelby NC (a town that continues to nurture me, another of its long lost children), but it has not completely buried its head! On the contrary, my creations have been picked up by my lovely friend Cozbi's shop on Court St. in Carroll Gardens (on the far edge, near my current stomping grounds of Red Hook, and truly my very favorite shop in all of the great wide city of NYC), are being carried by the illustrious glass, metal and fiber maven Tosca Teran of Nanotopia in Toronto, and are still going strong at Shelby's own Buffalo Creek Gallery, a cute cooperative effort on the courtsquare in the Livermush Capital of the World. Also, Etsy continues to send approximately one client per month my way, a point about which I shall not complain (I can sing Etsy's praises for many hours on end)!

Anyway, I write with more pixie news and diversions: my dear college friend Chandra Guglik has featured Pixie Petals on her fine wonderful new webshop, Cha Cha Vintage!! Not only that....we really are in cahoots, as I made this selection of Pixie Petals just for her shop, using a collection of vintage pieces that worked with her shop and also displayed my lariat and clump designs. I will venture to tell you that this was not the only collaboration I have done with Chandra as far as Cha Cha Vintage is concerned...need I say more? (about my frightful forray into modeling? eep!). Here's wishing Chandra all the best with her website, filled with fun vintage finds...and thanks Cha for collaborating on this special selection of Pixies. Here's hoping they fly off the cybershelves!


PS: Arigato gozai mas to Sean Eno, who inspired me to write this blog.