last known surroundings

The following video confirms not only that Explosions in the Sky is one of the most mighty, otherworldly bands out there these days, but that their comrades Ptarmak are wonderfully talented as well. Check it out, this will send you out into another dimension:

On that note, Sissy Emmons is my new favorite illustrator. Do you think her amazing piece of work resembles my Village painting at all?


day of the triffids

One of my paintings was featured in Wintergarden's perfectly beautiful and whimsical Etsy treasury, "Day of the Triffids."  I love so many of the other pieces included in this selection . . . for example, Wolfieandthesneak's Pod Poster, which feeds my pod obsession, is something I've been eyeing for a year or more! Also I so love the wonderful watercolors by Gollybard, a shop I check often. Finally, what a wonderful undersea world Magnolia Moonlight created in the aptly named View from a Little Submarine Window! And for any of those out there (like myself) wondering just what a triffid is, why of course, it's " a tall, mobile, carnivorousprolific and highly venomous fictional plant species." Indeed. Worth some further exploration!


CSA: See Some Art

We joined the Red Hook CSA, and life is looking brighter by the minute. This is week one and it's already feeling like water in the desert, especially after months of missing the Park Slope Food Coop's heavenly cheap and great organic produce (that's another story), compounded by the horrors of Fairway and Trader Joe's produce . . . Needless to say, Community Supported Agriculture is the way to go. And Added Value Community Farm is rocking it out with urban gardening and community activism at is best. These line drawings/watercolor paintings, the first in what will be an ongoing CSA series, are for sale in my Etsy shop.
Garlic Scape
Snap Pea

little dresses

So it seems that having a daughter breeds sewing-of-cute-dresses, so I've made a few over the past two and a half years. For one baby dress I used a lovely super-soft Japanese fabric with many cute animals, combined with a silky polka-dot that had begun as a skirt of mine, then been transformed into pillow cases, and finally presented itself as a complementary fabric.
 Once I cut up an old sweatshirt and turned it into a dress for both Magnolia and her doll Susie too.
Some that Magnolia hasn't worn now need to find homes, and two are for sale in the Curious Urchin shop.  One for a baby, another for a toddler, both featuring beautiful Dwell fabrics.
 This next piece was a gift for another baby, an experiment with two fabrics that I loved:
 Now, I'm off to deal with this insane pile of fabric that I keep saying I am going to use!


among the thousands

There we are, second row down, eighth from left
Etsy did a call for sellers to come out for a photo shoot back in the Winter, and so the girl and I went out to the city for an adventure.  We had fun waiting our turn and having our picture taken in a light-filled loft in midtown, but then I forgot about it and it only just now occurred to me to look for the magazine. Turns out that we made the cut! And we (yes, Magnolia is there too....looks like the youngest Etsy seller of the bunch!) made our way into the April issue of Inc. magazine. Seeing as how I'm just one of 400,000 Etsy sellers, hundreds of whom were photographed that day, and dozens of whom ended up in a feature spread in the magazine, I'm not surprised that I never received official notification that I had made it to print. My Etsy jewelry shop has not received any spikes in sales (though on Halflight I did sell 7 paintings to one person the other day, what a lovely treat!), so I can't say that this form of press was effective for me personally, but the adventure in the loft was worth doing!  See pictures for evidence of one of NYC's hidden treasures, Gary's Loft.  And here's a link to the article itself.