A tree house, a me house. . .

. . . a high as you can be house.

I created a Tree House Etsy Treasury in honor of human nesting and my desire to be in a home with branches that scratch the windows on windy nights and cast dappled shadows across the walls on winter mornings. Perhaps I thought of winter because today August in Brooklyn felt strangely balmy and breezy.



Stitching Thoughts

Some new work I made at my last residency (at VCCA), incorporating verses from the Bible (carefully taken out of context, and sewn into fabric collages, leaving room for questions), images of seeds, actual seeds sewn into fabric, bits of stained fabric and painted cloth, and xerox/gel medium transfers. As my time in Virginia was limited, I decided to limit my materials, in an attempt to see in a new way. . .

This last piece, Virginia in Winter, was my gift to the VCCA collection.