Wanna hear angel music

Rember the snow?
It's 1.11.11.  You are two, and the snow has returned. 

Let me tell you somepin. 
Now that you're two, Noli girl, I'm going to play the special Angel Music.  It's Múm.  It's floaty and scratchy and must have been recorded during another era.  Look at the angels in the cemetery.  Remember when we saw them?  It was October, the light was coming through the trees.  We were walking.  Angels were everywhere.  The ladies were singing "Somewhere over the rainbow" from behind the vines.  You watched and you listened.  You held an acorn. You didn't know that song yet, but now you do.
Emme hold you a minute?
Why, just because I was looking the other way?  Did you think I forgot you?  OK, I will hold you.

In the hollow tree.
That's where Nicholas the Bunny lives. 
Emme feed you? 
Sure, I'll feed you.  You means me and me means you.  That's right.

Let me hink about it.  
You are two.  You sing Jesus loves me under your breath, on your exhale.  You breathe by singing.  That one, and Jesus loves the little children.  Did I really sing those enough that you could learn to breathe them?  Or were you born knowing these things?  

I feeled my heart beep.
Every time I saw you.  It beeped.  I've felt your heart beep, and it beeps fast.  Faster than any human I know.  I suppose because you're a miniature human.  But that's always relative.
Emme see My-yo-ya.
Yes I know, you kids and technology. 
 Love you so.  Don't forget it.