reference section

I have begun a new series that I'll be posting for sale in my Halflight/Etsy shop: paintings and drawings on old dictionary and encyclopedia pages. This first piece is an acrylic painting of a juniper branch in a range of greens, on an encyclopedia page from the 20's (though I can't be sure, Sean and I saved a human-sized stack of a set that we rescued from Pacific St. in 2001, until our move in 2005, at which time I tore out the pages that seemed interesting, none of which seems to be a title page with a date). The pages have all been through some weather, so they are brittle, brown around the edges and water-damaged, but this makes for a perfect surface upon which to paint a simple image. So these days I've been asking myself if painting matters anymore, since I don't seem to be doing it (now that Little Creatures and MME have taken over life as I know it)...and we shall see. I'm hoping and praying it that does matter, for if it doesn't, it will be like the death of a dear friend, and nothing less.