The Doll Neighborhood Comes to Town

A while back, my fine colleague, Ellie Balk, painter/muralist/teacher, saw "Ark" (2004) and decided it was quite spooky, what with all those dolls reproducing inside boxes and such. Upon hearing this, I looked at Ellie's own dolls and said, "Why Ellie, you are one to talk" (about spooky dolls). What resulted from our ensuing conversation(s), between us ourselves, and well, need we tell you, between our dolls, themselves?

Doll Neighborhood! Coming to a Brooklyn neighborhood near you, that is, to Prospect Heights/Clinton Hill, from this February through April. What is this all about? Well, it's a combination quilting bee-indie film-art show, with lots of socializing among crafty types, sprinkled throughout the experience. It's a prototype for possibly many more to come...to neighborhoods far and wide. Here is the call to artists. Here is our website and blog.

If you live in the City of New York, or somewhere within walking/driving/swimming distance, Ellie and I hope you can be our Doll Neighbor. It's going to get pretty spooky.

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