curious urchin :: fabric art

I have been smitten by the fabric collage bug, which flew into my window when I gave birth to Magnoliagirl. Currently, whether I like it or not, my hands must be kept busy at all times sewing shapes and colors and patterns to each other. I am inspired to the point of obsession by the thousands of possibilities when it comes to printed designs on cotton fabric. I love using miniature printed trees, creatures, flowers, suns, stars, as starting points, cutting out around their inked outlines and re-arranging them, intermarrying them, many fabric origins all in one carefully-crafted pattern of my own, a completely original wall hanging that longs for a child to gaze upon it for years to come. These pieces are available for sale at my new Etsy shop, Curious Urchin. Hope you can visit, especially if you're looking for mobiles or teethers for the 2-8 month-old set.


Unknown said...

Hey Kristin,

These are very cute! Are you still selling on Smith St weekends? Hope you're having a fun summer!!

k.b.e. said...

At Brooklyn Indie Market? I did once this summer but haven't lately....I do love to work with Kathy though so I will likely be back sometime in the fall! Otherwise I'm doing a sale at the Yard on Carroll St. on Sept. 5 and the {NewNew}'s Handmade Cavalcade in Beacon NY on the 12th. I hope to attend your opening at Fat Cat!