CSA: See Some Art

We joined the Red Hook CSA, and life is looking brighter by the minute. This is week one and it's already feeling like water in the desert, especially after months of missing the Park Slope Food Coop's heavenly cheap and great organic produce (that's another story), compounded by the horrors of Fairway and Trader Joe's produce . . . Needless to say, Community Supported Agriculture is the way to go. And Added Value Community Farm is rocking it out with urban gardening and community activism at is best. These line drawings/watercolor paintings, the first in what will be an ongoing CSA series, are for sale in my Etsy shop.
Garlic Scape
Snap Pea

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Rachel Federman said...

Horrors of Trader Joe produce!!! YES!

Lovely work -- and great idea. Community grown produce though can't help but bring to mind those oceans of beet greens that used to drown us at 515.